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The pros and cons of 4 sleeping positions

Everyone has their preferred sleeping position.

But while the position in which you sleep may be the coziest, it might not be the best one for your health.

We take a look at a few sleeping positions and their effects on your health:

1. Lying on your stomach

In an interview with Tonic, physical therapist Hidde Hulshof states that sleeping on your stomach is probably the worst position.


Sleeping on your stomach has been proven to benefit those suffering from sleep apnoea.


Sleeping on your stomach adds strain to your back and neck areas.

Hulshof states, “Physically, it’s an unnatural position that’s unfavourable to your neck and back. Your neck is turned in a way that locks your upper cervical vertebrae, which can cause headaches and neck problems.”

2. Foetal position

The foetal position is the most common sleeping position of all.


This position is recognised as being great for menstruating and pregnant women.


Studies show that sleeping on the right side increases the risk of stillbirth in pregnant women.

It is therefore suggested that pregnant women sleep on their left side.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, gynaecologist Lisa Lindley notes, “Sleeping in the foetal position takes pressure off the abdominal muscles.” Sleeping on one’s side alleviates pressure on the lower back and promotes healthy blood circulation to the heart.


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