Thursday , January 17 2019

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4 steps to setting fitness goals


Why do you want to exercise? Is it to get a bit fitter? To lose some weight? Oops! This is exactly where things start to go wrong. If your goals are so vague, and you don’t kick off with clear direction, chances are that you will hit a wall, or …

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Can exercise offset damaging effects of alcohol?


Lower risk of death Normally, drinking raises the risk of death from cancer and all causes, the researchers said. But just 2.5 hours of physical activity a week could reduce those odds, the large study of British residents found. “Among the sedentary participants, we found that the risk of death …

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7 beach sports to keep you active


If lounging around on the beach all day isn’t your idea of a holiday, why not try some of the following beach sports to keep you busy and help burn off some of those extra calories: Read:Life’s a (nude) beach 1. Go for a run: Running on dry, loose sand …

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